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2019 review – extension

In 2019 I have made review of things that I hade to deal with and systems I have implemented in order to deal with them. In this post I will cover systems I will be either implementing or extending into my lifestyle in 2020. Here we go:

Completely new

  • Find hobby where you can totally turn-off #enjoymentoverperformance
  • Regularly maintain lists (Essentials, Personal contexts, ToAutomate, UnLearn) in a summarized fashion
  • Learn to create well organized (easy to find) summaries for your ideas
  • Extend your skills in the animal movement (Budokon) as naturally as possible
  • Experiment with new meal leaving yourself lot of time for prep and experimentation #enjoyprocessofcooking
  • level up your income from trading through colaboration with heart-minded professional traders (become a true pro). Extend your palybook with trading risk events.

Extensions to existing

  • Keep using Evernote for storing interesting facts but not putting pressure on myself if I dont do that all the time #seekbalance
  • Regularly visit nature alone and with friends
  • Wonder and explore the city with hot beverage and meditative podcasts (Akimbo)
  • Listening only audio books and podcasts that extend my depth, not listening them for the sake of listening #qualityoverquantity
  • Get into the habbit of extending morning meditation with animal movement and continue with evening wind-down routine
  • Whenever possible exit mental state and enter awareness state (at lest 2 x a day, morning and evening) #mindfulnesasagateway
  • Use #batcave routines whenever you feel the body requires that
  • Maintain current sleep quality keeping readiness index (oura) above score 70 in 80% of the time
  • Continue practice of just being #void
  • Pursue creative new endevours without judgement #patienceinzoneA
  • Automate any mundane and repetitive work #essentials
  • Continue short bursts in gym or home regularly in a week #hiit
  • Organise feasts for heartminded people 🙂
  • Share your personal context including your vulnerabilities
  • Build your craft by maintaining healthy repetitive routines that put you in the right mindset (automate mundane shit with no value)
  • Eat clean, cyclical low carb diet #foodiscure and dont beat yourself up when you dont 100% of the time
  • Eat when I am hungry, do multiday fasts and continue with intermitent fasting practices
  • Continue using ipad and apple pancil for daily feewriting and daily philosophy
  • Regularly write and post your philosophical mementos, they clean your mind and put you in a good mood
  • Stay in regular touch with your loved ones more often (call my sister and my parents at least once in two weeks)
  • Use your energy and ask strangers how is their day going #outofcomfortzone
  • Continue sunday review sessions (6PM – 9PM), but let them be more unorganised. Let the intuition guide the amount of information you wanna share. Keep the format but dont be afraid to change it in whatever way you like. At the end of the day, it is for you.

Lets see how 2020 will turn out and lets enjoy the ride.

See your around.


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