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Showing up and limits of willpower

I like the quote, “There is nothing to writing: all you do is sit up to typewriter and bleed” but I dont believe you can just force it by willpower. I dont believe in willpower as I used to, I belive in why (your motivation) and approach that make sense to you that are long lasting fuel sources to your willpower. What I have particularly realized over the last 12 months is that “approach that make sense to you” sometimes takes time to build. Lets say you wanna do X but somehow you keep failing. You are blaming your willpower for that but that is wrong approach in my opinion. If rational motivation is there, its about trying all kinda of different approaches towards that goal/routine you want until it clicks and you suddenly dont need any artifical willpower, its simply there naturally and actually rather then taking you energy, it gives you one. So the answer is, don’t bleed, don’t force it, just show up and try it differently until it makes sense to you!


You are exactly where you should be

Any pain is temporary. Any setback is a learning if used wisely. Most of the time, half of the pain we are facing when meeting with adversity is our psychological/emotional extrapolation how things will be bad also in the next moment, without knowing nothing about the next moment, about future. This emotional paralysis and wishes of pain to go away are bringing actually even more emotional pain to already difficult situation. Good reminder every time we face adversity is to remember that we are exactly where we should be. Of course after the setback is over, we can learn from it but really, when we are in the actual moment of adversity, rather then fighting it at the emotional level (which produces even more adversity in my opinion) is to lean into that moment and live it. I know it is hard but it is a great practice everyone can get better at including me and a good reminder that in this universe, at this very moment, at this place, there is no other way then this setback and we are exactly where we should be.


Project management and ilusion of control

Project management in software development is a bitch. As a manager you suppose to be responsible mostly for things that are outside of your control in highly intelectual domain which is changing faster than most of other professions. All variables for constant failures are present. Add to that naive stakeholders that want to deliver things they are not capable of articulating that have never been done before in your context with ever changing teams. Project manager in this instance is not a manager, but illusionist that has to create smoke and mirrors and hope, that this time he will be right because honestly, he can only manage things to certain extant. His biggest weapon is communication. By communication he can hold together only the known variables and for the rest he must create illusion that he has things under control with all RACI bullshit, steering summaries, communication boards and strong statements. If you are that type of masochist who likes this type of pain, go for it. Better advice is, choose another profession that will bring you more joy.


If we cant measure it, it does not exist, right?

Bullshit! We as a species are on one hand extremely complex and also extremely dumb. We repeat mistakes of the past, we are constantly lost in thoughts, driven by our prehistoricOs impulses yet we are composed of series of super computers. Our cells, bacteries and proteins are organised like the most organised army in the world yet we on the outside act like sheeps. I see also a lot of sheep mentality when there is something new, something hard to explain. Something we cant measure, yet. Just because we have not advanced to a point we can measure something does not means its not there! For example emotions and all Psyche camp. I am so much looking forward to a day, when we suddenly will be ablo to measure emotions (which is nothing else then energy-in-motion). When suddenly we will find other missing piece about which we know for thousands of years, we were just behind with measurement. So if you cant measure something, it means you cant measure it. It does not mean it is not there ;-). 


Guard your energy wisely

We are energy creatures. Every cell of our body is spinning consuming and producing energy. Over the last 12 months I have been having digestive issues. With proper engineering approach I have started my journey by facing all my fears about my health conditions. As my health has been improving and my knowledge of my body broadening, many of the critical indicators were starting to point towards energy creation and energy consumption of my body. My ADHD control type of a person got me over the years to a situation, where sky was the limit, sleeping is for pussies and 20hours working day is not a problem. My brain was literally constantly on, firing up ideas, consuming content, producing content, communicating, doing, getting physical, on and on and on without releasing the emotional steam. This regime over the years depleted my batteries and got me to a collapse of my organism. All of this got me to a point, where I started to think more and more about sources of energy such as sleep, food, mindset and other sources. I have started to hack all aspects of my life in order to regain my health once for all. So what is the interim grand conclusion? Everything you do, every emotion, every bit of thinking about past and future consumes your energy. You have limited amount of the energy in a day. Our goal is to find the cleanest sources to get the energy, guard them like treasure and use them wisely during the day. That is my journey I am planning to hack and then write a book about it :).


Unplug and stop being reactive

Capitalism or socialism, it does not matter. The system needs to control masses. It needs masses that are tuned in into a reactive mode so they can sell you more shit. And boy they have cracked our code. Not by some grand conspiracy theory but by simple trial and error over years of trying. And everybody is copying what works. They just need to tap into our prehistoricOS traits (ego) such as herd mentality, status, our fears and anxieties. Bang! Now the masses behaviour is predictable as long as they are plugged. They dont want you to have an opinion, they just need you to stay reactive. Because reactive means, the driver is not you, but your ego traits and you dont even know it. Thats key! That’s why all the social media shit works. What is the way out of it? Don’t get in your reactive mode the moment you wake up by reading news, emails, messages, likes, content or any other shit. Don’t consume all the time. Simply plan routines in your day to stay unplugged. Start for exmaple by taking a regular walk and for god sake, leave your phone and headphones home for once. Just be, unplug. Build more routines like that. Your non-reactive self (soul) will help you ;-).