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EURUSD – missed!

A week ago I was talking about the EURUSD perfect SELL ZONE at 3280 – 3300. I was watching the level for such a long time that it became normal. And normal means bad, normal is not hot, normal is not filled with nice RR. Normal looks fragile. And …

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Parallel trades

Here is the list of all trades I missed in last two weeks because of other project which is taking all my time and effort. So at the moment I am in the LONGER TERM TRADES only mode. Good or bad trades, this list represents list of all possible tra…

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16.6.2011 – VFI results

Another crazy day out there in the EURO area. Today I almost got seasick from all those swings: BUY, BUY, BUY … SELL, SELL, SELL … BUY, BUY, BUY. Anyway, today was not an easy day (there was not an easy day for me this week). At one point I wa…

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15.6.2011 – T3 & VFI results

Crazy day. Total madness :). One would think I have made ton of money today with constantly declining EURO (290pips in one day = pretty solid drop). Well, since trading is game of inches and I consider myself still a rookie I had a one blackout ar…