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Parallel trades

Here is the list of all trades I missed in last two weeks because of other project which is taking all my time and effort. So at the moment I am in the LONGER TERM TRADES only mode. Good or bad trades, this list represents list of all possible tra…

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16.6.2011 – VFI results

Another crazy day out there in the EURO area. Today I almost got seasick from all those swings: BUY, BUY, BUY … SELL, SELL, SELL … BUY, BUY, BUY. Anyway, today was not an easy day (there was not an easy day for me this week). At one point I wa…

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15.6.2011 – T3 & VFI results

Crazy day. Total madness :). One would think I have made ton of money today with constantly declining EURO (290pips in one day = pretty solid drop). Well, since trading is game of inches and I consider myself still a rookie I had a one blackout ar…

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14.6.2011 – T3 & VFI results

The total number of initiated trades today across both EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs was 14. Results are slightly better then yesterday when both morning and the afternoon session provided the total of +17pips. Decent result but some of my trade managem…

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13.6.2011 – VFI daily results

Sleepy Monday. In the morning I had problems with my platform (6EM1 rolled to 6EU1) so I could not trade in the morning(not happy since the GBPUSD trade would definitely be trade of the day)!!! In the afternoon I took only two trades. One happened…