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Print it, read it, think about it, recycle it!


I am always on the go. While travelling I want to use my time wisely. Usually I have a book with me or magazine but I am not always capable of paying full attention to it. Recently I have taken with me several articles printed of the internet and I was surprised how quickly I have read it. The problem I am having with the internet articles is that I have soo many to read but I don’t have time for all of them(maybe 10%). So when I am travelling I can pull them out and read them. Now you are probably wondering … “WOW maaan, what a breakthrough. You can read. Good for you!”. Well there is a point in this. When I take a book with me it is sometimes hard to read it because of constant interrupting. With the blog article or online magazine article printed out it is much easier for me to read it. It is not part of big bunch of other pages. It is clean and separated. For some weird reason it seems I take much more from this form of content them from a book or magazine while travelling.



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