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EURUSD – missed!


A week ago I was talking about the EURUSD perfect SELL ZONE at 3280 – 3300. I was watching the level for such a long time that it became normal. And normal means bad, normal is not hot, normal is not filled with nice RR. Normal looks fragile. And so as the initial reaction faded I decided not to place my SHORT order. It is because my lack of time but also because I was watching this level for too long. Wrong? Shouldnt I be more sure? Common problem among many traders is that they spend too much time looking into charts trying to connect the dots where there is no way to connect them. This time I did the same. I did not have a proper routine in place, proper diary prep, I just had an idea and I was staring at it for too long. I was not prepared.

Check, lesson learnt. +0R 🙂

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