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Tokens of willpower

I used to believe that willpower is a thing, thing that is simply somewhere in your mind fixed and everyone has it if there is a motivation. That by saying no, you can train it like a muscle over time. Partially I still believe it is true, but every muscle gets tired. If you do 100 pull ups in first thirty minutes of your gym session, you wont have the same enegry for the next 100. Same thing applies to your willpower but instead of pullups, its the amount of decissions you do in a day and how much stress you have been exposed to as the day progressed. I call it, that you have limited amount of tokens of willpower in a day. In the morning, you have most of them, in the evening depending on your day you have depleated them. What happens when you make decisions in the evening? If you are not prepared for it, you most likely gonna be doing poor decisions.

Great example is your diet. You start a day with a great motivation, that today it will be a carbs-free day. Yet, you dont give a fuck about this decision when evening comes. You just want to eat a junk food, jerk yourself out, open a bottle of wine and go to bed. Not bad, but definitely you can do better :). So what is the main takeaway? Be aware when you have the most tokens and make your important decisions at those times, have a dinner properly planned and backup of healthy food available at your fingertips when necessary. It will keep you on track when tokens of your willpower are at its lowest.

Good luck 😉

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