Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth



Listening to your body can be sometimes difficult. Especially when nobody taught us tuning in. You know, when doctors and health specialist tells you, “just listen to your body”. I think 70% of the population just have no fucking clue what they are talking about. What do you mean listen to your body? I dont even know what fucking frequency I should listen to. I mean I know when I am death tired, but isnt that just part of life. Isnt that too late already? Didnt the “successful” tell us that you can sleep when you are death? Actually over the last 12months I have learned that tuning-in to listen to your body is a skill like any other and it did not come naturally to me, I have to learned it. In order to learn it I needed to do it the opposite way. Only after I started doing all the good stuff and build consistency, I have learned to differentiate between good and bad with greater detail.  This is how I was able to start reading signals of my body with better precision, by building consistency in how good feels like. It’s not perfect, it is a journey.

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