Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


Just being without guilt

This is a message to all high achievers out there. All approval junkies, success seeking goal oriented work addicts. If your fuel is the desire to prove others wrong, it might be a time to reconsider your why. If you will drive through life in 280km’s an hour in that avatar you have been given, sooner or later something will break and you will totally reconsider your priorities. You have basically two options. Either continue and find out the hard way (through pain), or slow down and find out the smother way. That slowing down can start right now. Great thing about slowing down that you can begin immediately. First thing that is very hard to accept is, that you are complete already and no todolist once completed will ever make you fulfilled. Once you accept you are complete, you can start taming your eagerness to be something more. Something more what is defined by external factors rather than internal virtues. Start today just by sitting still for 5 minutes without feeling guilty. Forget about any goal of this stillness, any usefulness. Don’t search for any hidden meaning. Just tune in to yourself. Just be with yourself, without guilt. You deserve it after such a long journey. 

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