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Fear of future and how to turn it around

Our past defines our future. If we understand what things we fear, what beliefs we have formed around those fears to feel more "safe" (which is yet only another illusion), we can free our trapped souls from past and stop fearing future. By talking through situations and uncertainties we have faced when our beliefs were formed, we can clearly see that those beliefs were created based on things that do not make any sense, yet we are still driven by them. When we analyze, in my case what works best for me is free writing, those situations we can free that trapped soul from the past. 

Great example is a belief I have created during the time my health condition was at its low. My health condition has created couple of beliefs that logically did not make much sense yet every time I faced that belief, fear appeared and I had hard time proceeding forward. One of that belief was that any bigger task that is not from my area of expertise but is important to do, is simply gonna cause my health condition worse because of the amount stress it is gonna impose on me. Rationally although stress had impact on my health condition, this was pure exagerration of the effect this will have on me from the position of fear. Plus, thinking that from now on I will be leaving in the world where I will avoid all stress is just ridiculous. Yet, my mind created almost physical reaction to avoid all stress possible. The problem was that this caused even more stress, because when difficult task outside of my comfort zone appeared and my motiviation was low, I feared the stress already. Ridiculous right? What I have done was to free write about the false belief that has been formed during time of my worsened health condition and reversed it by forming new belief. This literally took three writing sessions and this belief was gone together with the fear that come with it. We all face similar situations and we have tools to deal with them. They dont have to control us, we have all tools to be directors of our lifes, not our past. With those tools, we dont have to fear the future, we can truly create it.

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