Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


Creativity and systematic work is your edge

As humans beings we have dominated every other specie thanks to our ability to be creative and co-operative. Thanks to our ability to adapt. Now, more then ever, change is the only constant. Now more then ever people will be asking what is the future gonna be like. And unless you have grandma or grandpa with great memory of 1929-1933 period, it is most likely that you won’t know anyone who can really tell you. The last template for what is gonna happen is in those years. But regardless any template or historical similarity, one thing will not change and that is the thing why humans dominated this world. The way how you gonna get out of this crisis is by your own creativity and systematic work. In simple terms, but sitting, thinking, writing and starring into your own thoughts. Thats it. By sitting and staring at the piece of paper writing your ideas down (creative part) and by staring at it, synthetising it  (just a fancy word for narrowing it down), more starring, more sitting and more writing. By taking some time of so your brain can subconsciously defragment what you have consciously created. By coming back and staring at it again. By filtering those parts that do not make any sense. By stripping the meaningless away. And after your initial stage is done. You will get out and act on what you have concluded. That creative and systematic engine, is your framework. Your edge how to adjust and come out of this crisis as a winner. Good luck.

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