Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


cultivating calmness to live more happy live

As famous designer Dieter Rams puts it, “less is more”. But more of the “right more” can be also beneficial. When we are faced with any obstacle in life, we have tendency to solve it with external stuff. Path of least resistance. For sure, just around the corner there must be the latest greatest gadget that can solve the problem for me. Better stuff. Better race I can attend to forget and feed the ego. Better thing that can improve the quality of my life. Better food, better YouTube hack. Better Instagram post. The problem with that is that you always have to run for external, for something what is outside the circle of your control.

But what if we want to be happy any time we feel unhappy? What if we want to hit that reset button immediately without the need to go for the external stuff that just puts plaster on or unhappiness? I believe we have to go in, not out. How can we do it? By gradually clearing the past, by cultivating calmness, by doing less of the external and more of the internal. By more boring sitting in silence, observing, reading and less of running away from the thoughts of our kenrel. By listening more and speaking less, by consuming less of the junk content and more of a deep time-proven wisdom. By becoming masters of our own mind self-examination never afraid to sit with our thoughts. I believe that is the path to happiness. More of the good stuff and less of the shiny outside good looking stuff. And that is my goal. To find more of the good stuff that on the outside might look boring and then to force my mind to give it a couple of minutes to dive in only to find out it was worth it.

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