Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


empowering authenticity

As we slowly discover the castle walls that we have built in our childhood as a coping mechanism of not being authentic, we start to wonder who we were before we started to build them? What was the original source code? Source code is given in the purest form. Form, far far detached from the subsequent programming of the world. What was the original source code before we unintentionally started to modify our original code by building new plugins on top of the original? On top of the pure. It might sound stupidly simple, but before this so called upgrade that was actually a downgrade, we were perfect. And we still are, but we need to go through the mud to unlock that authentic child.

Because the walls, the complexes although they can drive us for a good amount of time forward, have limited capacity to make us really happy in a long run. To find fulfillment in life. Those walls are only as strong as the basis they were built on. You can put a patch on them in terms of the appraisal and recognition by society. A better house, higher paycheck, fancier car, beautiful wife, perfect kids, a perfect school for kids, best restaurants. But these are all patches. They are short-lasting dopamine spiking pleasures. They are nice, but they are not solutions. Just patches. We all know that of course. But finding the true self, that compass, that intuition is deeply rooted well before our childhood castle walls have been built. Well before our beautiful source code was modified. And the key to our own healing, our own evolution, is in the answer: what was your source code of the authentic child? What were you immersed in? Without judgment, in pure form? That is your key to unlock the next door. Enjoy the journey of finding the key.

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