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closing the gap

Growing up does not guarantee you a transition from a child to a grown-up. Growing up is a process defined by the laws of nature, not laws of wisdom. In Czech, there is a quote I like: “Vyrostli jsme, ale jsme stale deti”. We have grown up, but we are still children. Although in this case, it has more negative connotation than positive. It is not about the playfulness of a child and free souls before we spoil it. It is the hurt child, that had to build the walls to protect from the outside world. And these walls then create a gap. A gap between who we think we should be, who we deserve to be, and who we are. We are not at peace with ourselves. There is a big conflict between these two bodies. Big gap. One body is an imaginary object of our past, the hurt child. And the other is real. That is here and now. As long as we will walk this earth with the baggage of that old hurt child inside of us, we will never grow up. We will always be hurt. Finding that peace and leaving that child in the past for good, with compassion is one crucial step towards the truth. When we stop identifying ourselves with the pain of that inner child is getting us one step closer from the suffering of the mind. Because there is no plaster that money can buy, to heal the wounds of our inner child. There is only closing of the gap and becoming one step more peaceful towards the truth.
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