Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


distractions and games

The very next text might come to you as too harsh, too pessimistic, too dark but it holds true based on my discovery so far. I am iterating towards the truth however dark the truth is, one step at a time. Ok, let’s go …

Everything we pursue in life has been based on a lie. Everything. Most people live that lie their whole life without even realizing it. Everything we strive for has been indoctrinated into us by society. We live our life, trying to fit in, playing societal games, trying to get smarter by reading and listening to others while searching for intellectual distractions that temporarily get us from the suffering happening in our minds.

All these distractions are like plasters. Plasters filled with the latest cool gadgets, fun sports, tasty food, fancy travel, intellectual garbage – stuff. But all are just toys for our minds. Shit, we don’t need but we get as plaster, the distraction from our mind. We then go and play with those toys not understanding that they are yet another distractions.

We grow into mediocre followers of the rules society created. We chase happiness yet get only temporary glimpses of joy and then it all slips away again. Over and over. A never-ending chase. We are under constant chatter about what next distraction we pursue lying to ourselves that it is all genuine and free will that drives us forward. Little do we realize that we all have been programmed into the norms of living the “good” life.

We follow with all learned humbleness, the responsible and courages fake role models only to find out it is yet another story to tell ourselves to feel good for a moment. To have hope we are on some path towards happiness. We get attached to others only to be surprised that our expectations are constantly not being filled. We tell each other stories that this is how life is because everyone else is doing it as well.

All these distractions lead nowhere. Happiness lasts only temporarily. I realized that everything a common man pursues is for fake reasons. Not genuine. Not own and honest. But fake, only to stop the continuous suffering and tyranny of the mind by applying distractions and games. That’s our chase we call happiness. So if I genuinely ask myself if everything is a lie, what can I do?

The only way how I can continue in this society is to play a game that has no hidden agenda. No hidden motive to please, to fit in, to provide, to distract the mind. That I have a truly honest and genuine desire in doing things for one and only sake: for doing them. That I can’t imagine a second wasted on anything else, then my thing. Without any desire to get a pat on the back that I have achieved what I have desired. That I have succeeded. Without any judgment of my own if the result is good or bad. Do I know what that thing is? I thought so, but I found out it was a lie too. Will I ever find out? That is what I am about to find out.

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