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results > effort

Effort is often glorified, but ultimately it is the results that truly matter. While showing up and putting in the effort is important, it becomes meaningless if it doesn’t yield any results, no matter how many times you do it. Don’t be misled by motivational posters that emphasize the journey. Yes, it is essential to establish systems in your life that lead you towards your goals, but don’t fall prey to the notion that the journey itself is what matters. This narrative is often used to provide comfort but is frequently misunderstood and misused.


ChatGPT represents the herd mentality beautifully; it is a blueprint of the current society. So, every time I want to confirm the “norm” that we live by, I ask it. This is what it has written on the comparison between effort and results.

===chatGPT product===
Effort is a valuable attribute that drives individuals towards their goals, encompassing dedication, discipline, and going the extra mile. While effort should be acknowledged and celebrated, it is crucial to recognize that the outcome of our endeavors matters just as much, if not more. Merely glorifying effort without considering results can lead to a culture that rewards participation over excellence, undermining innovation and tangible outcomes. Effort and results are interconnected components of achievement, where effort lays the groundwork and results demonstrate the true impact of our endeavors. Focusing on results encourages effectiveness, productivity, and tangible contributions, incentivizing strategic thinking and innovation. Success should be redefined to value positive impact and measurable outcomes rather than the mere investment of time and energy. By emphasizing both effort and results, we can create a culture that values effectiveness, innovation, and meaningful outcomes, striving for a balanced and holistic approach to achieving success.
===chatGPT product===

I disagree with ChatGPT’s perspective. It is trying to convince me that the effort is as important as results. No it is not. Let’s say I want to learn chess. My goal is to acquire the skill so that I play the game with my father. The journey of learning chess is not my objective; rather, the end result of being able to play is! If I could learn chess in a single day rather than over a span of 100 days, I would prefer the former. If I could achieve the same outcome without putting in 100 days of effort, I would choose that path. So lets not excessively glorify our efforts, stop focusing on “journey”, and actually getting where we want to get.

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