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Good decision making > Outcome

Goal of every consistently profitable trader should be a good decision making process. If you make a good decision making process a priority number one, you will slowly turn the feeling from I am failing to I am winning. Why is that way? Because everything what you do suddenly won’t be about the outcome, but about the process. Amateur traders when coming back to trade are wishing that the trade went their direction in a meantime they were watching/doing something else. Professional traders when they come back to a trade have already if->then decision making plan in their head. If I see this, I will manage my risk this way. This is a good decision making process. They are not in their heads worrying, they are working out the scenarios under which they revaluate their position and risk.

Thats what consistently profitable traders do. They focus on the process over the outcome. And this does not work only for trading but everything we do in life.

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