Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


Who are you doing it for?

Ohhh boy, one must go really deep to answer this one. The onion has so many layers. Many layers were simply put in place just to either please others or prove to them that you are worthy. Worthy of their love, their appreciation, their respect, their attention and so on. Usually it starts deep down in our childhood and over the years we put so many layers that by the adulthood we dont even know who we truly are. The key question that we sometime mislead even ourself with is “who are we doing it for?”. If the answer is most of the time person, that is not you, but someone else, it is time to start pealing that freaking onion. Question by question, layer by layer. The more we ask, the deeper we get. It is scary, but it is so liberating. So the key question to ask is, who are you doing it for?

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