Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


Accessing present moment with clear intent

Living in the present moment is a noble thing. It is definitely better said then done because our attention is constantly stolen by our modern life reactivity, our fears and insecurities. One way we can face it is with conscious awarenes of what is truly happening around us. It used to be too abstract for me to access present moment just by thinking it is a present moment. I had to find intent first and then, I truly started to access this magical moment. How? Simply by explaining what is going on in plain words. When it rained, I described that rain drops are hitting ground with certain cadence, splashing when hitting the ground. When light bulb was shining, I have in my head described that a stream of fotons are dropping at my eye bulb with different intensity. These short descriptions acted as a booting procedures of a computer for me to then access the present moment. After that it was easy to live the moment at least for a while. So in order to access the present moment, you can use this "booting procedure" as your intent. It can do wonders.

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