Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth



I love the short story from the book Stillness is the key:

“Standing in the palatial second home of some boring billionaire, Vonegut began to needle his friend. “Joe”, he said, “how does it feel that our host only yesterday may have made more money than your novel has earned in its entire history?”

“I’ve got something he can never have,” Joe replied

“And what on earth could that be?” Vonnegut asked

“The knowledge that I have got enough”.

The reason why I love this little snippet of wisdom from the book is that we (workoholics / perfectionists / success junkies / approval junkies, etc.) continuously juggle with ten different things in parallel to get approval from others and from ourself most importantly, that we are worth the love we have not been given at some point in their life. Some emotions at some point in our journey triggered that drive, drive to be more. Drive to never be enough. Drive to never be complete. From that moment on it has been sprint after sprint many times running in multiple running tracks at the same time never feeling truly satisfied with results or only for a short moment. Sprint to prove others, the naysayers wrong. The beauty in this is to start looking at what one has accomplished already. Starting with small accomplishments such as being kind to others, having the courage to give tough love, move forward and figuring out our Why. This does not mean, that we should lose that drive that got us into this state, but after looking deeply for some time, we will realize that we have actually done enough and that life is not a sprint, nor marathon but rather dance. Our goal is to peel the onion deep down to figure out, how we can stop sprinting and start enjoying the dance, figuring out our dance. By understanding that, we are doing enough already, that we are complete, by owning our dance.

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