Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


Process > Outcome

I strongly believe in the Process > Outcome formula. Process (internals) over Outcome (externals) is a path towards life’s happiness in my opinion. It is a way how to enjoy the journey of life while maintaining our own happiness no matter what the outside world will throw upon us. It is also a very liberating feeling because suddenly we rely on the journey rather than the outcome that is many times outside of our control. We can start becoming more present, more aware of what is going on and not being lost in our thoughts about what will happen next, how it will all end, what we will do next, instead of enjoying what is happening right now – giving our best. This Process > Outcome is also helping those workaholics out there with one important thing: that todolist will never end and no single todo list once completed will bring you long term happiness. Why? Because after that one ToDo list, new one comes. It is like a hydra. You cut one list, two more lists grow. From that moment on, it is never-ending battle for completion with short-term dopamine spikes, exhaustion of your endocrine system a never-ending battle. By internalizing this formula and knowing your why, we can become more content and more happy with our progress. We can actually start enjoying the process over the outcome.

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