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Burden Of An Image

We are only the story we tell ourselves. Composition of our thoughts, driven by ego, orchestrated by the matrix. An image that is created in our head, that is it: that’s us. We then go on with our lives and try to defend that image in front of others losing track of what is actually important and meaningful to us. To our real us outside of the mind, but we completely lost track and disconnected from that what is outside of the mind.

Now it is all about building and defending that image. Feeding that image. And most of us won’t even know it. Take me for example. I take pride in being an independent thinker. Someone who does not care anymore what other people think about what I do with my life. Yet if I dig deeper I find out how even this image that I have built over the years is important to me to maintain. Pure mind games.

If you think about that, it is such a limiting game. What if that image makes you miserable. What if this prison of your mind will constantly try to convince you that priority number one is to defend that image. And if you really dig deeper, you find out that the things you care about probably way too much are not driven by your honest and sincere desire. They are driven by an image of yourself you are trying to maintain.

Now back to me again, between people that know me, the reputation and image I have built is an image of the extroverted risk-taker. A guy who walks the talk, trader, investor, manager, builder. Also an honest, caring, loud but friendly, rational guy. Now imagine that I want to do something that I found fascinating and honest, but it is not in line with the image I have built over the years. Let’s say I would love to turn to Jesus Christ and build a bio-organic cold-pressed eco-farm and manufacture the most delicate mountain herbal skin cream for men’s testicles. What if this idea would make me really really passionate, happy and make me a lot of money? Would I do it? Well in the past I thought I would. Now I doubt that. And that is the problem! The image has become too much of a burden. Too strong to defend. Typical mind game.

So should I destroy that image? For sure but it ain’t gonna be easy. What I know for sure though, is that I am on the path to find out. This is the truth, truth to become more careless and dig into the burden of an image.

Bon Voyage.

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