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Global Soul Crisis

We live in a global state of hypnosis. We have been put into this state by the dishonest and disconnected norms of society. In the name of GDP growth, we have been sold the idea of personal growth, a good career, a house, a trophy spouse, multiple holidays a year, and prestigious schools for our children. Little do we know that this hypnotic state goes hand in hand with our ego. Everything is shallow. We live in our isolated ghettos, not even knowing who our neighbors are. This is an emergency—a global crisis of the soul.

In the name of progress, we have become disconnected from what really matters. We work and chase money, constantly putting our systems into a fight or flight mode. Yet, if we look back, this mode was designed for our survival, for the times when we hunted. So ask yourself this question: How much time did we spend hunting hundreds of thousands of years ago in a day? Two, four or six hours? Although we cannot be certain with the estimate, some studies on modern hunter-gatherer societies, such as the Hadza people in Tanzania or the !Kung people in Southern Africa can give us an idea of how our ancestors might have allocated their time. On average, these societies spend about 4-6 hours per day on subsistence activities, which include hunting, foraging, and gathering food. But certainly not 10, 12, or 16 hours a day.

The hypnotic state we are in constantly puts us in an over-extended fight or flight mode; our sympathetic system is constantly engaged. Not just at work, but outside work as well. So what did we do with the rest of our time hundreds thousands years ago? We rested, played, made love, had sex, built, gathered, and hung out with our tribe. We were so grounded, in nature with our tribe, deeply connected that our rest and digest system could easily engage freely and easily. Was it all fairy tales and rainbows? Of course not! There were murders, rapes, famines, and frequent need for adaptation. But was there a higher chance that your soul and spirit were aligned, allowing you to be at much higher peace? I strongly believe so! Why? Don’t believe a single word I say and try it for yourself.

Take two of your dearest friends, with whom you have a deep connection, not shallow but deep without judgement, and spend time in the forest together without cellphones and 24/7 interconnected drama. Then, simply observe the miracle that happens. Watch how your soul and spirit slowly align with your body. How nature humbles you. A miracle will start to occur. Then come back to the daily drama of your life and see how that alignment slowly deteriorates. Can you spot the difference?

This is a global crisis of the soul! and it is serious. Depressions and anxieties, autoimmune disorders, digestion problems, frequent viral infections (regular colds, sore-throats, fevers), sleep disorders, migraines, obesity, alcoholism and other dis-eases are becoming “new standard” of our daily life. But we all have a chance to change this, but it starts with us. Build deeper connections with yourself and the people around you, and start observing the whispers of your ego with a high degree of attention. What does it whisper? Listen carefully, then stand up and say NO! Go to nature, go outside, scream in the shower, dance, do deadlifts, play — NOT because of your ego tells you to do it, NOT because you feel you should, but because your SOUL SCREAMS HELP and want to be free again. We are all in the same boat; it’s time to act!

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