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Smart vs successful

What distinguishes “smart” from “successful” is good decision-making. source:  

Willpower after lunch

When I interviewed willpower expert Roy Baumeister, what did he have to say?Early morning is also when you’re most disciplined. The longer …

Out of control

there’re different ways to play #forex but in my opinion, you’ve to forget all that kind of ways that makes you to …

The most imporatnt rule of trading is to play great defense, not great offense. Every day, I assume every position I have is wrong. I know where my stop risk points are going to be. I do that so I can define my maximum possible drawdown. Hopefully, I spend the rest of the day enjoying positions that are going in my direction.

→ August 8, 2014

The only relevant question is whether you are bullish or bearish on the position that day. Always think of of your entry point as last night’s close.

→ August 8, 2014