iterating towards truth


failure as a label of our judgemental mind

If I tell you that failure does not really exist, you might be skeptical at first. We go through our lives with worry about the past and the future. Worry that is generated by our ego, more specifically by our prehistoricOS. One of the objects ego generates is FEAR (with capital letters). We FEAR not to fail. Not to fail others, not to fail ourself or more precisely, not to fail our belief system. All these objects are products of the past or future but when we realise, that they are not real, that they cannot really exist in the now, interesting things start to happen. All this might sound too woo-woo, but lets take a story from a real life. My own story.


constant brain trickery

As humans we have evolved through millions of years of evolution programming. Most of that time we have spent hunting and gathering, being part of the tribe. That millions years of programming has created a neurological wiring that helped you back then to guarantee you two most important things for the human gene to last: survive and reproduce. In my older post I call this programming a prehistoricOS or Kernel. Something what drives you in every decision you make. We constantly seek comfort and path of least resistance. We seek pleasure and connection. The more we are tapped into the “old programming” the more reactive we are and it is easy than ever to be controlled by simple manipulation techniques that does not even have an intension to harm us but just do what is “best” for our old programming. These techniques can be both external (your circle of friends, your search engine, your youtube channel, your instagram account) and internal (your fears, your self-talk, your belief system, your identification with all of that). I will leave the external for another post and focus on the internal now.