Talent Code, Book review in 60 seconds

Book review
Tell me something I don’t know factor: High

Length: 25 subway drives (375min reading time or 221 small pages)

Main idea in one sentence (or two): Talent is learned, not born and learning is done by something called myelin that wraps around our neuron curcuits every time we learn. By wrapping myelin we are increasing our brain infrastructure similar to a comparison between the speed of Dial Up Modem 56k (we know shit) and 4G Network (we know our shit) for which the information can flow faster and our skills feels more natural.

Main takeaway to apply in several bullet points
  • Formula that explains everything in the book: Ignition + Master coaching + Deep practice = Talent
    • Ignition – you should feel a vibration, calling or find deep meaning in the field you wanna learn (unspoken motive)
    • Master coaching – find someone who will break down the info into chunks, understand your frequency (knows what you need to hear), servers the information at the right time, speed and length and can practice deep practice with you
    • Deep practice – is about planning the training session ahead, identifying important elements, grouping and slooooowwwwwiiiiiinnnngggg theeeee fuuuuck dooown.
  • Summary in plain english
    • Go find something what you like learning or your are motivated by to learn it.
    • Find someone (better then you) who will help you along the way to fire your neuron curcuits in the right sequence, at the right time and the right speed.
    • Plan your practice sessions ahead of time and slow down the speed of learning to a point you almost can’t recognise what you are learning (if it is a song or new football skill, it does not matter, slow it down so you almost don’t recognize it)
Examples (google keywords below with “talent code” at the end)
  • Curacao player
  • Futsal experiment
  • Tennis practice
  • Guilds in Florence
  • Chess experiment

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