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Project management and ilusion of control

Project management in software development is a bitch. As a manager you suppose to be responsible mostly for things that are outside of your control in highly intelectual domain which is changing faster than most of other professions. All variables for constant failures are present. Add to that naive stakeholders that want to deliver things they are not capable of articulating that have never been done before in your context with ever changing teams. Project manager in this instance is not a manager, but illusionist that has to create smoke and mirrors and hope, that this time he will be right because honestly, he can only manage things to certain extant. His biggest weapon is communication. By communication he can hold together only the known variables and for the rest he must create illusion that he has things under control with all RACI bullshit, steering summaries, communication boards and strong statements. If you are that type of masochist who likes this type of pain, go for it. Better advice is, choose another profession that will bring you more joy.

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