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Showing up and limits of willpower

I like the quote, “There is nothing to writing: all you do is sit up to typewriter and bleed” but I dont believe you can just force it by willpower. I dont believe in willpower as I used to, I belive in why (your motivation) and approach that make sense to you that are long lasting fuel sources to your willpower. What I have particularly realized over the last 12 months is that “approach that make sense to you” sometimes takes time to build. Lets say you wanna do X but somehow you keep failing. You are blaming your willpower for that but that is wrong approach in my opinion. If rational motivation is there, its about trying all kinda of different approaches towards that goal/routine you want until it clicks and you suddenly dont need any artifical willpower, its simply there naturally and actually rather then taking you energy, it gives you one. So the answer is, don’t bleed, don’t force it, just show up and try it differently until it makes sense to you!

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