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Sleep and 6 pillars of wellbeing

There is six pillars of wellbeing (SPICES), one of which is “Physical”. Part of this pillar is sleep. Here is couple of tips I found helpeful that doesnt cost anything and have highest impact on the quality of my sleep. I try to apply them daily.


  • Regular sleep regime (in bed by X)
  • Regular length at least 8hours for start (can be reduced later once REM and DEEP sleep has been stabilised)
  • Dark room (use eye cover if needed)
  • Limit noise during sleep (use ear plugs)
  • Limit blue light exposure at minimum 6hours prior to bedtime (use red light bulbs or true dark glasses)
  • Last meal at least 4hours prior to bedtime (ideally protein, avoid simple sugars)
  • Room temperature at 19C
  • Cool down routine prior to bedtime (meditation, bath, chi, stretching)

Then there is a list of nice-to-have biohacking tips that can truly elevate your sleep somewhere else which I will share at some other time.

Help your sleep, help your future self.

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