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Solving puzzles to write great stories

I really love Ray Dalios way of thinking. I like his approach towards life. He uses analogy of life as a game, puzzles and gems. Here is what he wrote:

“Most of the principles in the book were hatched by solving persistent problems. I have found it helpful to think of my life as if it were a game in which each problem I face is a puzzle I need to solve. By solving the puzzle, I get a gem in the form of a principle that helps me avoid the same sort of problem in the future.”

What do I take from this? Every day when I wake up I try to remind myself that life is truly about overcoming obstacles. Any obstacle I will encounter that day is a puzzle I have the luxury to solve and learn from it. And there is more to it. Not only you learn something from it, but usually the weirdest obstacles create great stories to tell later :). So you are not only learning, you are also creating stories you can later share with others so they can learn. Isnt it amazing!? Of course many times in the moment of frustration I forget about it, but being mindful about this at least once a day will change your neural pathways over the long run. So lets solve the puzzles of today, no matter how complicated. They will put up great stories we can share.

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