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Changing your perception of pain by building the best inner coach

Pain is a great teacher. Both physical and psychological pain gives you clues. It teaches you couple of important points:

  • Awareness and present moment –  every time your pain takes your attention, you can choose how to react to it. You can be angry and make it worse, you can be fearful and make it worse, or you can be grateful tht it brings you back to present moment

  • Inside vs Outside of your control – learn 

  • Impermanence of things – everything comes and goes, so does pain. Pain is temporary, learn to accept it when it comes and know, that it will leave again

  • Do things and don’t expect anything back – if you force it, it will not work. Simply understand why you do things and then do them without any payback.

  • Unwind & relax – you pushed too much and your body is giving you a signal, clue: “stop what you are doing and review what you can change”

  • Gratitude – be grateful for every moment. Good or bad. When moments are good, you will extra appreciate them.

  • Befriending your fears and anxieties – your fears and anxieties won’t go away, they will reappear when you least need them. It’s just a design of our prehistoricOs. By knowing this, you can actually change your perceptions of your fears and befriend them. So although they will always appear and that won’t be changed, your relationships towards them can be changed

By practicing this every time your pain appears, you will build the best version of your inner coach. Simply being aware that you can strengthen your inner coach and improve internals every time any setback appears is a such blessing. Our goal is to practice this awareness and forgive ourself when we lose it every now and then because at the end of the day, we are just human beings. 

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