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EQ as a double-edged sword

When you manage people and you want to truly build meaningful relationships, you need a degree of emotional inteligence and empathy. Empathy gives you ability to be more attentive to contexts and circumstances of others. By good attentivness and tuning in to others, you can create environment in which others can perform at their best. So why is it the double-edged sword? If you have high EQ, you are on one hand good at tuning in into other people, on the other hand you are like a sponge for all disappointments and emotional imbalances of others. You constantly need to calm polarized situations and conversations, constantly trying to keep your cool in the name of higher management good. You can very easily get yourself over time into this emotional rollercoaster where EQ both serves you and do you harm. There is no simple way out. The main way out is to live this life only for periods of time and live through it when stakes are high and its really worth your efforts and time. Otherwise you are risking burn-out and all kind of health problems. So no pain, no gain is a truthful statement but just make sure the gain is high and pain will not last too long until it will have damaging consequences. 

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