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Misleading role models

The more I read about people that are considered conventionally successful in the eyes of society, the more I am realizing how misleading this following has been. No this is not a rant or a complaint, but a simple review of what we as a society consider to be a success and we blindly follow it. We follow only the book covers, the shiny shallow outside view but we are completely missing the point of living which is “to learn, to be loved – to be happy”. Shouldn’t we change this perception of only judging the book by its cover, and start asking if inside these people we consider “successful” are truly happy? Shouldn’t the way of living a rich happy life be the barometer of success? Shouldn’t we glorify those that found internal peace, that found enough, that found their craft that brings them endless joy? Craft that heals their wounds rather than keeping them open? Look at figures like Michale Jordan, Tiger Woods or Bilzerian type of billionaires. Figures that we glorify, yet deep down they are insecure, hurt and unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan have both accomplished tremendous achievements in their respected field, but the questions I am after is: are they truly happy? I hope that one day we will have more diverse role models, that have depth and wisdom about how to live a truly rich and happy life and we will be able to follow these role models as true role models. Role models, we can truly learn from about the way how to live a rich and happy life. True role models.

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