thriving for singularity


Passion and resilience aka formula for “success”

When you start any endeavor being passionate  is not enough. Passion is just an emotion. Emotions just come and go like yearly seasons. You need to understand deeply why your passion is important to you and ideally how it fulfills your true core beliefs and values. If the passion is linked to your core values and beliefs and gives you some sense of purpose, it is easier (but not easy) to be resilient. And when you connect the resiliency and your passion together, you have one of many formulas for success One of many but very strong one. Now the biggest mystery for you to solve in this life reincarnation is to find out what your passion is. Everything else would come with it and you will get eventually answer to the deep philosophical question we all ask: "what is our purpose?". Maybe it is to find our passion and serve good that is bigger then us. To search for our purpose through our passion. 

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