thriving for singularity


There is nothing like objective reality

Objective reality requires unbiased repeatable structure that has positive track record. No I am not talking about trading, I am talking about life. Our day to day perceptions of reality are only our observations. Biased with our past experience and personified contexts. If you take aristocrat, fireman and programmer and ask them what they see when they look at the bowl of fruits, you will get different answers. At very high level you will get similar description of the objects (two apples, three oranges, one pineapple), but the moment you go into the field of emotions/perceptions you get something subjective (too many or too little, fresh or expired, this over that, like or dislike) but each of them will consider it objective. We all create our subjective reality based on our experience and try to persuade others that our subjective reality is the main objective reality. Lets just accept that others have their reality and want to tweak reality of others in order to have better balance. By accepting there is nothing like objective reality we will free ourself of right or wrong and become better, more relaxed, less egoistic human beings and create better community.

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