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Healing neural pathways through forgivness

You know the story. You have been hurt. Somebody stepped into your territory and break your toys. Sometimes stole those toys from you. That emotion has strengthen that neural pathway connected to this memory. It created pattern for the future. Your future is now defined by your past. There is a saying, show me your past and I will tell you your future. Unless you forgive those who created that emotional synapse firing in the past, you cant move forward in the future. Because even if you leave people who created this emotional injustice, there will be other people firing the same pattern over and over no matter where you will go. And the more energy you will give to this emotional injustice, the stronger those neural pathways will be in the future for whatever similar situation no matter where you will go. Fortunately we have been given great tool in our mind toolkit: forgiveness. By forgiveness we can heal our wounds, we can weaken those pathways that are damaging for our mind and body. It is time to identify those old and new grudges and time to forgive.

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