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Multidisciplinary aspect of trading

One of my life fascination has been for the past ten years a craft of trading financial markets. Unlike other crafts, trading has one ‚Äúdisadvantage”. It is more art than science. As a trader you must deal with incomplete information and many unknowns that can ruin your trade. Your biggest enemy is yourself and your prehistoricOs. Learning to trade is multidisciplinary craft. One has to stay calm, when storm hits. One has to stay true to his merits and act with reason. One must seize the opportunity when the window of opportunity opens up just for a short moment. One must do the deliberate work, the deliberate practice. One must be well prepared. One must be patient to wait for the opportunities to come. Staying on the top of your game, on the of your craft and not get mad by all the stress is like tuning a lute. If you are too tight, you might miss a trade with good opportunity. If you are too relaxed, you might get too big in a not so favourable trade. Trading is about finding the right balance. Balance to be in control. Trading brings all the good and all the bad within you and mastering the craft is never ending journey. This journey brings me truly deep satisfaction mainly because of it’s multidisciplinary aspect. Aspects that might surprise some, aspects that teach me how to be good human being and better decision maker.

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