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Patience is the crucial skill for the future

Since more and more of what we do moves into the cyber world, we are plugged and becoming more and more reactive. System wants us to be reactive so we can buy more shit we dont need and obey orders of so called trendsetters and fake role models without even knowing it. I believe we are growing into the age when if the page does not load within first 3 seconds or the on-boarding process is not super straightforward, we are out of here. Right? They do not deserve our attention, they did no make it easy for us so fuck them, right? Add little bit of multi-tasking ideally with high degree of context switing and that only certain neurons are firing when we are consumed by cyberworld and no muscles are used (your handwriting is totally different to your keyboard writing in terms of what parts of brain are activated). Sum it all up together and you have a recipe for impatient obediant cyber junkie.

I believe that in future there will be a time, when patience will be highly valued true skill and there will be lectures (in physical world of course) how to learn it. I think we can start re-learning this skill right now by choosing hobby or career that forces us to work in the physical world with things that are much more unpredictable like gardening or archery. Anything really where nature is involved would do, anything where skill can be hardly earned without our will being to willful, at least temporarily. Future, where patience is the crucial skill.

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