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On living a good life

The more time I spend time with things and people who matter, the more I realize how we all live in this illusion of what a good life is. In this race for life. Of course if anyone told my 20 years old self, that a goal of life is to live in peaceful truth and kindness, I would consider him a loser who never achieved anything. But what a tremendous peace brings living in truth, truth to yourself, your limits, your own speed without constantly measuring dicks with others and caring for approval of total strangers. Learning about richness of live, being curious, sharing with others, caring for others while accepting fully who we really are without constantly judging if we are too slow or to fast, if we have more or less and if we will achieve this or that. 

The more I study the boredom, the more I become interested in things that are not shiny but totally regular. Because the more boring they are, the less reactiveness they need. So where does this all lead to? To living in peace. It sounds like terrible cliche. In peace with yourself and others, while exploring the world around you, doing things you feel passionate about, doing things that make sense to you, caring and sharing with others without constantly rushing somewhere. Not living life as a race with each moment being a grading checkpoint. Finding what that peace means to you is for all of us to find out. Find out how to live it and then live it as long as we can. This all means

 Living a good life = living a life in peace.

Its our job to figure out how to achieve it and then live it.

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