Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


we are all …

… slaves of our past. Let me repeat it: “we are all slaves of our past”. I love the saying: “show me your past, and I will show you your future“.

We are so wired NOT TO CHANGE that one must laugh at all the self-help books that promise you tips on HOW TO CHANGE. Don’t get me wrong, I am a victim of the same sins when it comes to reading self-help literature. But if it were that easy just to read a book, world would be a different place.

Accepting the hard truth that you are indeed a slave to your past is a good starting point in our life journey. You are a slave to patterns of behavior that formed in the darkest subconscious hours of your life. To change these patterns, we must pay much higher price.

There is hope, smaller than we would like to think, but there is a chance that we can change. Price is high, but everything is at stake.


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