Trading FX focusing mainly on majors. Started as a spot fx wannabe trader in 2005 who soon realized that millions are not going to come any time soon. Went through all the hiccups, hurdles and diseases that every beginning trader has to go through. Survived the learning period but never stop learning. Loving the market for it’s ability to be a bitch as well as agiver.

My bread & butter are major currency pairs (eurusd and usdjpy at the top of the trading list), FDAX and GC_F. I trade almost daily (usually 7sessions/week) both EU and US session but my heart rhythm & profits beats more for the London morning session. I adhere to a common sense view of risk – how much I can lose/gain (RR) and the probability of losing it. While this perspective seems to be too simplistic even hopelessly outdated, I believe it provides a vital clarity about the true risk in trading and investing.

Markets are inefficient because of human nature – innate, deep-rooted, permanent. People don’t consciously choose to trade with emotion – they simply can’t help it. My goal is to preserve my capital. I prefer the risk of lost opportunity to that of lost capital. As Jean-Marie Eveillard said “I would rather lose half of our shareholders, then lose half our shareholder’s money.”

My place of execution. My daily bread and butter. My tradestation:


since I have moved in to a new apartment (end of March 2011) my trading desk looks slightly different now:IMG_0191_a.jpg.scaled1000

After taking a break in 2012 I am back at full time trading from 3.2.2014.

My trading mission statement

Have a framework with edge that conserves capital, generates revenue and increase gradually account size
In order to have a framework with edge, you have to do many small things well. Over the years I have distilled those small things and categorized them into three groups:
  1. Technical
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical


Category statement: you can be better tomorrow than you are today

  • Edge

    • level (area)
    • pattern (sequence)
    • bias (big picture)
    • context (hypothesis) / map (fractal)
  • Plan

    • location/timing (entry, stops, targets)
    • management (early exits, run winners)
  • Tools

    • broker
    • charting
    • news/calendar
    • journal
    • pc
  • Education

    • explore new ideas (critically)
    • trade ideas


Category statement:  breath in, breath out, smile, accept the moment!
  • Selfaware routines

    • healthy routines (meditations, relaxation techniques)
    • selfaware mind
    • resiliant spirit
    • be on time
    • journal everything
    • keep stats (average R, %probs, best setup/product/hour/day/session, expectancy)
    • analyze yourself (strenghts/weaknesses)
  • Psychology

    • What is the problem?
    • Why do I have it?
    • What can I do about it?
  • Risk

    • per trade idea
    • per day
    • per strategy


Category statement: your results are a mirror of your physical state

  • Food – eat well
  • Sleep – sleep well
  • Spiritual – meditate and stretch

I believe that if I give each and every point 100%, I can be at the top of my game. Nothing more, nothing else. 100%

And how is your framework defined?


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