Beating Alpha

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Understanding Your Why

There is an ultimate question towards own happiness. That question is actually simple: “Why are you doing it?”. Answer to that question will lead towards who are you doing it for? Answer to that question should lead you towards how much of what are you doing you are doing actually, truly, really really for yourself :)? Because many times, we are actually taking on too much and being our worst judge seeking approvals of others. That does not sound like the path towards our own happiness. That sounds like a path towards making happy everybody around us except ourselves. But if we are not happy, if we are doing things for the wrong reasons, reasons we do not even understand and are simply driven by them, we cant never be truly happy. And if we are not happy, everyone around us will sooner or later be affected by our moods, by our state. You can pretend happiness only for so long but eventually, you will crack and become miserable. Some people then treat it by more work, more beating, some by alcohol, some by physical pain (why do you think ultra-trails were invented :). We choose different artificial “cures” to our internal pain, mask them well but actually, they are not cures. They are just patches, Ibuprofen for our mind and body because many times we do not understand the root causes of our suffering. Of our own beating. But we can turn it around. We can start asking the right questions and honestly, we need help with that. We need the right questions to be asked because questions are the answers. We need to get rid of old limiting beliefs. Starting with why and for who is a good start on this root cause healing journey. It might be scary at first, decisions we all have to take along this journey need courage, but eventually, it will lead to our true happiness. And that is worth every bit of courage we have.

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