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Stop judging, there is no right or wrong anyway

I am the worst judge of myself. The toughest, most scary judge of all. Me. When I am scared, I judge myself for being scared. When I eat too much or to little, I am judging. When I am not patient or I am to slow to act. When I am suppose to do something and I didnt. And on and on and on. What an utter nonsense. This can get you over time only to a mad house. Your reality is only your own. You are creater of it but that inner voice is constantly there. I once have heard that you can never get rid of feeling emotions, but you can change relationship with them. That who is aware of fear, can’t be fearful. That who is aware of anxiety, can’t be anxious. Its easier said than done. How can one keep himself in this high state of awareness? I believe by practice. Day to day, transition by transition. Every time anything that is taking your attention appears, try ty be aware of it. Thats it. No more. Like the observer but with no obligation. This practice over time builds your ability to change your relationship with whatever is stealing your attention. And for fuck sake, dont judge it! There is no right or wrong, there is just a way of being present when you can.

PS: you got angry, did something nasty or were rude? Learn from it, but please, don’t judge it – at the end of the day we are just a mammals whose primary goal is to survive and reproduce

PS2: In quantum physics term, I could have renamed the article to “Stop judging, there is always superposition :)”

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