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Taking on too much

From the time I was 13, I became obsessed with work and self-improvement. I have found computer programming early on as a field I could have utilised both my creativity and fight my insecurities. By being able to know more than people at my age, I have felt better for myself. It is a funny feeling. You know you are still dumb shit, but everybody around you thinks you are this wiz kid. Over the years, I have moved from programming to business, from business to trading, from trading to management and leadership building companies and projects from ground up. I am proud of my achievements, but I have also stretched it too much, too far. By thinking I am invincible, I have made myself a success junkie. A plan junkie. A framework and principles junkie. Some people in my shoes, would be the most happy people on earth, but I have to admit, I payed the price. 

I have been so plugged in, that it is hard for me to learn “what relax, means” without constantly creating, building or learning something. I am exactly where I should be, but I have important mission in front me. Unlearn taking on too much. Too much work, too much podcasts, too many books, too much of constant learning and consuming content, too much of creating, building, self-doubt, too many responsibilities self-critique. I have to unlearn taking on too much, and learn to relax, truly in order to move to the next phase. And that is something what I am working on right now, to unwind, letting it go. Taking on too much has been simply too much :). Time for change.

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