GBPUSD trading in the afternoon with a little action at the end



On heavy volume I have started shorting GBPUSD pair. The short term trend has changed and GBPUSD longer term was still under important resistance level. I have entered first at 1.5614 and add to the position at 1.5595. After second entry and observing the move I have noticed that volume went down and the move got into the range. At 17:31 (GMT+1) I have noticed a break in a volume in a opposite direction. For me that was signal to get out. So I close both positions. I have managed to get out without a loss on second trade and few minutes after the trade has exploded. I didnt have a stop-loss order set so for that reason I was watching this pair closely. Not doing so the second trade would end up in a loss. Afterall SL shouldnt be your best friend all the time if you have the patience to observe the markets and react quickly. It can eat some of your profits. For today is over. TrendTrace didnt prodouce any signal today and my T3 strategy is on with EURGBP going long. USDJPY order is still pending. 

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