VFI super quick run away trade



Just an update. Since EURUSD didnt approach resistance of 1.3650 I was waiting for 1.36 to break. The volume got heavier just before the breakout and on breakout as well so I entered short. Usually around these levels you either expect a quick move towards some other critical S/R and pause there. But EURUSD paused straight after it made a new day low at 1.3591 and jumped back. After observing price ladder I have noticed that there is a lot of preassure from buy side so I have exited the position straight away. 2pips gain 😀 but better then the loss of 14pips. As you can see, the EURO would have hit my initial SL. For now I am gonna set few pending orders on TrendTrace and thats it for today. I am not planning to trade afternoon session since I got some other business to do but I might add some pending orders during the late evening. Good luck with your trading 😉

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