Today’s trading and double entry on VFI strategy – EURUSD & GBPUSD


Today I was trading during afternoon session. Last two days I felt pretty sick especially in the morning so my intentions to trade morning sessions failed straight in the morning so yesterday and today I stayed in bad for morning sessions. For today I was ready to trade afternoon. My classical VFI strategy has been traded today. I managed to execute three trades today netting 14 + 12 + 18 = 44pips. Today I have used the good opportunity at EURUSD to re-enter and I was aiming higher with second trade for 30pips. Unfortunately the trade reversed at +26pips and moved back and I was stopped out with +12pips (second trade). So EURUSD provided good W pattern with two potentials for entry. At GBPUSD there was M pattern so similar strategy. I didn’t enter straight away after entry since I wasn’t fully confident if the setup is correct. After little while and few jumps I have entered short aiming 21pips – spread 3pips = +18pips. I was right. I have used the double entry strategy here since there was not any ideal point of second entry.

For T3 I am in the CHFJPY at the moment. Entered at 88.00 (closing candle at 5PM GMT+1). I am also having set sell stop order on AUDUSD at 0.9214 with target cca. 70pips. For more see gallery.


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