Results of morning session -> 41+17=+58pips


Finally back to trading. I woke up little bit later than I wanted but overall good results today. I have traded both EURUSD and GBPUSD on VFI strategy. First one of the best results in last few months on this pair and this strategy was GPBUSD. Normally my profit target is approximately 20-25pips range but this time I manage to squeeze out 41pips. Profit target was 30pips since the legs were pretty long. After that was achieved I have tighten my SL and waited for few pips more. This trade was also supported by good level where the two legs of the pattern were standing which was 50SMA. More will tell the picture.

Another trade was in EURUSD. Very similar and pretty quick. Target was hit by the pip. Not to much to talk about and in 17minutes I was out of the trade. I entered after first pullback so not on the break. So for today good results with +58pips. I am not expecting to trade during afternoon but will be definitely trading tomorrow afternoon. I am partially watching USDCHF and GBPCHF on T3 strategy. There are some opportunities which might be worth watching.


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