Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Another great speech. Inspiring and passionate. Many people are suggesting that it is too rhetorical and not so much practical. I had to react to one comment which is what I do very rarely. To fully understand please see the video first. Here it is:

And now the comment and my reply:

Kay Alsden:

 I was so disappointed by this talk. So long on rhetoric, so short on serious argument and genuine input… and maybe I’m just a bunch of sour grapes as a 56 year old, non-watch wearing teacher who uses her mobile instead just like the students… not a digital native but I got my first computer in 1989 so I’ve been using digital technology for longer than my students have been alive.
Vision is wonderful thing – but some intellectual rigor underpinning the vision is required, not just skilful rhetoric…

My reply in shorted version:

Well done on your 1989 computer. You must be very proud. I am a student and I wear the watch. But I guess that is not the point of this talk. In my opinion even rhetoric is important. It can motivate us (it certainly motivates me) and make us passionate about things we didn’t even know about few minutes ago. It can made us think! Unfortunately people do not like to think very much since it can hurt. If you are interested in serious argument which obviously can’t be fit into 16minutes of talk take your pen and paper {} and write to the author. Discuss it with others. Do something about it! Change it. Maybe your idea will inspire others. Good luck 😉 

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