VFI trading during today’s session -> 24 + 35 = +59pips


Good to be back to session trading. In last few weeks I wasn’t able to “session trade” and I had to stick just to limited trading on my T3 strategy. Today I traded VFI during afternoons and I couldn’t imagine better start after short break I had. First position was initiated in EURUSD. EURUSD formed nice W pattern with very strong supports. At first I wasn’t able to enter. I cant explain why. I guess I needed some warm up after while. Since I wasn’t be able to enter at neckline I decided to wait for retrace. That happened very fast so I have entered little later. My target was at first 30pips but I have adjusted little later to +24pips. Within 15minutes that target was hit and my position was closed. I managed to take few screenshots as the positions developed … see image gallery.

Second position happened on my second watched currency pair: GBPUSD. It was opposite pattern = M pattern. Veeery strong PA at the break. I entered short after retrace. There was one moment I was unsure about my position but that was soon overcome and again very fast trade. For this trade I was able to grasp +35pips.

I have finished my trading session earlier then usual and looking now at the charts there were new positive opportunities which I could have trade. Next time :).


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